Saturday, April 4, 2009

Lots of postin!!!

1st, i juz saw fast n furious 4.. n i think it's so COOL!! yeaa, really rocks!! the action stuffs, the guy, the car, the music,,, LOVE IT!! i was juz downloadin the soundtrack.. haha.. i dunno why i love tis pitbull song so much.. krazy,, beat up plssss.... =D
ahh, i remember, i was shockin when i heard TVXQ's song (Rising Sun) on tat movie.. yeaa, a korean song,, but it doesnt appear on their official soundtrack..
so bad coz letty has to died~~ ooopppsss, SPOILER here!! hahaa.. i'm not talkin anymore... i give tis movie 8/10.. coz i was always curious to see wat would happened next.. n for vin diesel, wif his extra body.. well, he has a very biggggg arm.. hmmm,, wonderin if he hugged me.. will ma body crash??? XD

2nd, i juz bought tis mini dress~~ well, is it a dress, or a long shirt? i watched it frm ma magazines since last year, n yeaaa, i decided tat i must hav it since the first time i saw it.. ahahah.. i juz like it soo much~~

3rd, i changed ma internet package, so now i can download anything without thinkin the size.. haha.. i like ma new package~~

4th, back to ma habit,,, doin something in polyvore.. ma last creation.. like it~ an outfit for a casual events.. so GREEN =)


----- Jennifer ----- said...

your blog is good good good

San said...

well, thanks a lot jen~~