Saturday, April 25, 2009

Almost crazy for the assignments!!!

OMG!!!! i hope there were more than 24 hours in a day~~~ plisss, plisss,,, i juz cant arrange my time well,, i think ma scheduling class isnt workin for me.. LOL... i need more time for sleep!!! for play, n for doin tat sux tasks!! arrggghhh~~~ now ma head is really full of skul things,,, STRESS : mode on (definitely)~~

i juz did ma office template n the services template, make it perfect~~ so now, it's 100% done!! Yeaahh!! n then did ma resume for supply chain management class~~~ haizz,, but i still needa ask to alvin abt the results of our task~~ i couldn understand it completely... n needa present it at monday class~~

another assignments to go:
tis mornin will hav a technical meeting for the "Atma Jaya Basketball Days" event,,, plizzz, i dun want to play!! dun ask me to b one of the player.. BIG NO NO~~~ i cant play basketball~~~ LOL
n then do ma group work job for industrial control system class~~ haizz, tis is definitely sux thing,, i dun like it!! n doin ma "introduction chapter" for the MPTI class @Tues~~ tis one which i hate most!! present the industrial control system paper @Wed.. Hell yeaahh~~

OMGGGG, when will tis ended?? i cant take it anymore~~

haizz, gtg sleep, or wont wake up today~~ hahaah~~~

*dun u think tat u juz a cure for her broken heart??*


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