Wednesday, April 22, 2009


I had been very2 busy tis week~~~ fiuhhh,,,, finally i can write on ma blog again~~ didnt open ma polyvore, didnt open ma blog.. damn assignments were in front of me last week~ haizzz.. now they do,, again~~ juz finished ma work actually~~ then go bloggin.. hehe..

Hmmm, wat did i do last week?? well,, went to the waterworld n had so much fun there.. look at tat underwater pic!! so silly~~ i never did it well.. hiksss.. n then a short funny story when we taken tat LOVE pic.. hahaha... y guy should shy wif their armpit hair... HAHAHAHA XD, then cut it if u shy!! LOL!!
See the differences between the 1st n 2nd LOVE.. Hahahaha...

the other habit i hav now is hangin out wif friends n ma cousin @ cafe near campus,, juz for go online for free.. silly.. n our habit will never end, takin pic everywhere...

Nah, those things r gifts frm ma cousin after she back frm surabaya.. a lil thing, speaks our character based on our bday.. n very2 strange, our bday is on a sequence date.. so 9 dec is ricko's, 10 apr is voo's, 11 aug is mine, n then 12 may is achay's...

i love ma feet in crocs!! so cute!! hahahaha... e fact tat crocs is achay's,,,i want it, i want it.. =D
hiksss, i really FALL IN LOVE wif FOOTWEAR!!! more than clothes, or the other accesories.. n now i've been very confused to decide which one better between tis cute shoes.. i had asked ma friends, n they gave me so many considerations... GEEZZZ, still cannot decide which one the best!! =(

The 1st pic (the BLACK one) is the ankle boot, tat i really adore since last year~~ n havnt bought it til now.. LOL..more formal, n fit in any situation.. n i think it's more suitable to use it here, in Jogja.. But i love the 2nd pic too (CREAM), looks different, n i dunno~~ i juz like tat.. but mayb i'll order in a brown color.. not as creamy like tat..haizzz... WHICH ONE!!!????

Haizzz, sumthin wrong wif the weather here.. It's so HOTTTTT every day n nite.. but sumtimes rain is fallin down too.. so unpredictable.. n i hate to drive ma motorcycle under the bright sun n in e cold rain.. T___T


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