Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Club 22

Woahahaha…i’m 22 now!! so what i’ve been done since last year? what did i achieve? was there something big in my 21st?? hmmm.. My biggest achievement came by the end of my 21, yeah of course it was my graduation :) it’s still the best bday present ever, early bday gift. haha..

First of all, thank God for giving me another years of life. I’m glad that i’m still here, healthy, and happy.. Though sometimes thing doesnt happen like what we wish, but yeah, everything happens for a reason, and it must be Your will. So yeah, thanks for Your blessing, Your everything :)

I wish :

  1. I have a great job and career which means the atmosphere and the salary should fit me perfectly ;)
  2. I have a better life, from every aspects : health, personality, attitude
  3. I can give a good influence to people near me
  4. Closer to You
  5. Keeping my family and people who cares about me proud of me and happy
  6. I have the man of my life, that comes from You (not really important but i think i almost forget how it feels to be loved and loving)

Thanks for all friends who already sent their greetings!! Amin for all the wishes :)


xoxo, S

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