Monday, August 2, 2010

Final Destination – Pendadaran 02+08=10

I’m officialy S.T. (Sarjana Teknik) or u can say Bachelor of Engineering..hoaaaaa..i’m really happy!! cant hide this feeling :) It’s all Jesus’ work, He’s great. Thanks a lot JC. I can do it when I’m with U..

I woke up at 7.30 and prepared myself. Went to uni by myself. Kinda shock when lookin that they changed my lecturer. They should be Bu Ririn n Pak Parama, but then it was Pak Yosef who came to the room. Whoaaaa.. I was quite freakin out, cos he’s really2 critical person (in positive way i meant).

I came to the room, presented my thesis, they asked me in the middle of my presentation. I finished it clearly. After that we moved into discussion session.. Hola! Pak Yoesf asked me something and i couldnt answer it. I struggled a lot on that question but still couldnt find the right answer. Damn it!

My jugdement was quite fast, it took only 1 hour and 20 minutes. I came out. Not so sure about what happened inside. I was scared that i wouldnt graduate.. huaaa >< Alvin kept cheering me up, convinced me that i would be okay. Anyway, there were so many people outside my room.. We took tons of photos.. Thanks to all who already came :) i’m so glad to have u all.. cant mention it one by one.. U can see by looking on my photos today.

Well, they called me to come in. I sat on the chair, then Bu Yanti gave me advices. And finally told me that i could be graduated. I’m sure that i just laughed at that time.. Thanks to Bu Yanti and Bu Yayan for everything, also to Pak Yosef and Bu Ririn.

Give this graduation specially for my family.. And also myself.. I’m proud of myself :)


i borrowed all these items i wore.. haha.. shirt and tie from meme, skirt from tepho, and shoes from ingke. thanks all :)


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thanks all!! <3

xoxo, S

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