Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Looklet again

After almost 1 year being an inactive user of looklet, i finally play mix and matching again..hahaha.. Lots of new item, i love it! :) Lots of this collection inspired by the last K-drama i watched, Cinderella’s Sister.  Moon Geun Young always uses blazer with tunic and jegging.. and combine them with platform shoes or a doc marten.. and her bags, whoaa!! just really2 love them all..

 photo116393 photo116402 photo118690 photo118714 photo121189 1275567460_201006032117542954230001_0 fullsizephoto117158

The Looklet Collection

*Dress as provocative as u can*db3e8181-1402-4d59-aa18-95ec25d98bc9

*i saw  someone dressup like this at carefour yesterday and i think it’s cool*5ced5d6a-98c1-43fe-bbde-de33ac421fbd

*vest with big layer skirt plus belt = superb!* 20ae49c4-ee3b-4aa0-93c7-e28acbbdb9f4

*remember my pc game, barbie fashion show.. then i played some sockhop style*313f6d3b-3fb8-4bfe-a64e-91ab218c838d

*totally inspired by cinderella’s sister, but i’d like to have the same style for me*521c47f5-916e-4f11-9a48-126b1a738ecd

*inspired by korean style..full colour but nice*816bfc19-7670-4f57-8cc9-15a7a42be9e0

*another cinderella’s sister creation*2529800f-a36e-433f-900b-b1de07748e0d

*stabilo color is a trend now*d907f5f5-e949-4bd7-8341-07714d262eb7

*love this effortlessly look*db2f01b9-0cc9-4532-9335-d39ddf679004

*rebel look inspired by cinderella’s sister*3f3ece8e-9481-4e42-9b0a-c2baf0a10ca6

if u like my mix and match style, do visit me on looklet and click the love button on every styles i made and my profile too! billion thanks! =*


xoxo, S

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