Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Puri Asri Outbond

Haha.. Ini dia yang sudah sekian lama gak aku post.. My outbond story.. It was on March.. Tapi gara2 ga dapet foto2nya jadi ya belom diposting deh ;p

So yah, my outbond was in Puri Asri, Magelang. It’s only IDR 75K. Puri Asri has so much fun game actually.. The best is rafting.. Too bad we couldnt go rafting on that day, because my friend’s dad didnt allow her =( But i really wanna go there again someday, for rafting, not for the outbond! hahaha..

The outbond route is too short.. It was only 4.. But i missed one game.. Haha.. i’m such a looser.. lmao.. The best part of outbond is the flying fox.. I never get scare of it. Haha.. I love it! :)

Well, have a plan to go to Treetop Outbond in Kopeng. I saw some posts about Treetop n i think it’s awesome. Entah ngedenger dari siapa, tp Treetop itu merupakan salah satu tempat outbond yg berstandard nasional..

So here they are… The pics.. Enjoy! ^^ n for more complete pics : http://www.facebook.com/album.php?aid=150365&id=597932988&l=288382bbfb

IMG_9156 24922_10150143347030858_725165857_11699731_7829076_n 24922_10150143347055858_725165857_11699734_3882557_n24922_10150143355460858_725165857_11699872_6866159_n IMG_9059

   IMG00727-20100302-1216  24922_10150143355355858_725165857_11699854_3075216_n


xoxo :)


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