Friday, April 2, 2010


Welcome April :)

This month is full of blessings.. It should be..haha..

Anyway, happy Good Friday to u all.. n Happy Easter also..

God has sacrificed His self for us.. Let's not make it useless.. Let's do what He wants us to do..

I just got my full body treatment today.. facial and body spa.. Not spa.. I dont know what lulur in english.. hehe.. It was hurt!! Got my pimples out.. ouchh!! And the lulur was very great.. My skin is as smooth as a baby.. lol ;)

Went to a new dining place which is kinda nice i think.. Named Rumah Pohon.. The taste of the food is okay, affordable price too. And the place is near to my home.. Well, i’ve been stayed in Jogja since 1996, but never knew that place before tonight. Geez! But too bad we came on night.. When u come in noon, u can go upstair to the 5th floor and see the beautiful view of Jogja :)

I just visited Celine, my cousin's daughter.. She is totally cuteeee.. I couldnt resist to hold her and touch her cheek.. But i couldnt get closer to her cause of my cough..heehe..

Welcome to the world, Celine.. prayin n wishin u all the best :)

Arghh… i have a cough n a flu now.. damn! why they should come together?! errrr…



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