Sunday, April 18, 2010

Miss Mellow :(

Hihihihi.. i miss my blog so much.. But i have nothing to share though.. hmmmm.. Well, i still feel sad when i remembered abt my past bball championship :( we lose, reached the 5th place.. okay, that was quite good coz we could beat Borobudur at the end.. show them who the real Atmajaya is.. Hahaha.. But i still want a rematch with Kesatuan, cant believe we lose!! =’( And the best part was UNY lose too! xD They wont go to Libamanas 2010! lalalalalala.. call me mean, but all my teams are really hoping for that.. lol.. Sorry guys, but if we couldnt go there, then u wouldnt.

What else? ah, my ladies, welcome to the single mingle club.. lol.. yeah, lot of my girls break up with their bf (ex-bf now). Let say that i knew they will end up like this.. Coz i dont really like their relationship from the beginning. It’s not worth to keep it since the 1st time. One was got too much reactions, her boy is over over protected, the girl couldnt go anywhere, no friends. The other one was living in a lie. They lied to each other. And the boy doesnt give her any respects at all. The other one was starting their relationship in a lust. Haha.. easy girl, i must admit, with a high temperament boy. Lots of PDA show along their relationship. Disgusting :( Well, just hoping u all get the best for your life.

That’s why i keep on choosing my Mr. Right. I must confess, that i’m a lil bit frustrated now. Where is he?! Why i cant find him?! :( Oh please, i need a man. Yeah, a man who can guides me, takes me whatever i am, and the one who makes me comfort everytime i’m with him. Hux…

I wish to meet u soon :)



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