Tuesday, August 11, 2009

B’day blast!!

I thank to God, for His bless for me,,, so i can live this world til now.. n for my families n friends,, who already gave their wishes.. Who were greeting me,, by facebook, SMS, phonecall, face to face, all… thank u! Hope the wishes come true :)


♥, Susan

Today, i woke up n then got a phone call frm my friends.. i cant say the name one by one.. i guess i got 200 + walls in facebook.. SMS,, n then when i went to uni, my friends gave me the greeting.. so yeeaaa,, thanks to u guyz.. hmm, gav a lunch near uni,, i really miss the foods near uni,, it’s been sooo long since my holiday 3 months ago? well,,, took the bday cake at the bakery shop,, ready to took the pic,, but then,, my camera died.. dunno why,, damn!! so yeaa.. i was pending the photoshoot.. lol

at the evening, ma cousin n i went to the mall, juz window shopping.. then we went to olala.. i didnt hav any idea at all,, suddenly another friend came out.. damn! she gave me a lil surprise.. brought the mini cake,, without any candles.. lol,, so i blew a firetorch,, hahha.. ate ice cream, chicken sumthing,,, so full :) then when outside,, they splashed me with water!! geez, at tat time i was alre having tat feeling.. lol.. thank God it was juz a water.. haha..

Will upload the pic soon.. guess after my party, aite?? tomorrow will hav dinner wit some friends n then party!! yeahh… c u ♥




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