Saturday, August 8, 2009


Damn!! i was really2 bored lately!! i juz stayed hum everyday, sumtimes went to bball court.. it’s totally sux!! huhh…

Glad tat i found new website,, it’s looklet. i got it from gogirl magz.. it’s about mix n match the wardrobe, choosin the model n the set.. like a fashion editor.. awesome!! definetely fall in love wif tis web! :)

Now i present you my collection :


my 1st editin.. again,, cant wear layer n high boots in indo, so yeaa.. i always get interested wif those things.


i imagined a photoshoot for a teen magz.. so yeaa,, is it nice?


inspired by a fashion blogger, rumi :)


love minis!! cant wear it too, since i ride a motorcycle. LOL

6af4166c-5bb0-46ee-abd9-bb8f1ca68d09love tis look! cool.. is it good for a photographer outfit? haha..

Next collection is abt to throw :)




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