Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Looklet Contest

Still playing looklet :) i’m definitely fallin in ♥ wit this web.. hehe.. there’s brand contest, now a contest to win the tatty devine necklace.. a glasses necklace.. n the set is in library,, so we hav to mix n match the style that suit to tat occasion.. so here r my look!


b52298cc-114b-4290-9f01-3f95f226a296  e10b1a9f-7d93-48bc-9f66-ff5d206d8c279aeb7c19-eec0-4f44-98ef-d7948283a351

Soo, which one is the best from these four pics above? Maybe i’ll make another again,, not now.. i got lot things to do! :)


Celebrating my bday,, make a bday babe ♥

e1ccd2e3-d1bc-41ec-adb5-06f8f760902bI just miss exercise.. huhuuh… i’m so damn fat now.. hiksss..

Well, will continue tomorrow.. c u ♥




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