Monday, June 15, 2009

Time to makeover, babe ;D

Oww yeahh,, after a lil shockin time wit ma hair.. finally tonite,, i recoloured it.. hah!! qit a darker one.. it’s quite good lah,, at least it’s not as shockin as the 1st one.. now ma hair look dark brown.. but the dry hair,, i cant handle it anymore.. it damages so badly!! damn..

soo.. i’ve decided to cut ma hair.. yeaahh!! cut it really short.. but not now.. i’ll wait til i’m ready for it.. pheww.. i dun want to look bad when i go to jakarta!! hohoh..

well,, a lil inspirations for me.. look a like model,, from renee cycle 8 n McKey cycle 11. i really love their hair style!ANTM Renee MOre2re3






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