Tuesday, June 9, 2009

A lot of projects tis holiday!!

Alrite, so i juz read ma magazine n there r soo much stuffs to do on tis holiday!! i meant, it’s not exactly a holiday for me,, coz actually i hav a work at a company.. n i still dunno wat to do wit tat.. i hav to meet ma lecturer.. ASAP.. geez!! i really need to finish the paper on 2 months.. errr,, i’m so confused..

n now abt the project,, there r 4 projects actually,, 1st, u can make a statement necklace,, or make a makeover to ur gadget.. make an art latte (which is soo cute!),, n last make a fake celebrity photo.. i guess i’m interested wif all of these projects, except the bling2 gadget.. coz yeaa, i dont hav any gadgets to get bling. to make a latte,, i really2 interested,, especially after i saw tis video.. it’s so amazing.. wonderin how could he do tat?! n the celebrity fake,, i really interested too!! it juz i needa find a pic tat reall suit me,, i meant i dun hav to buy a new clothes or anything.. argghh..

so finally i made tis statement necklace :D i spent soo much money in the accesories shop,, u know, buy the chain, the beads,, anything! really much money! i’d rather bought a clothes! damn.. so yeaa,, let’s see the result.. inspired by tis necklace actually,, but i know it will b so hard to do.. how to make tat chain stiff like tat?!

Picture_1-935 IMG_8136

so yeaa,, tis is ma statement necklace!! wonderin if i could win the competition.. i’ll get 1.500.000 or at least 500.000 shopping voucher at Forever 21!! who doesnt want tat?! ;p

n tis is ma next project :D





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