Monday, June 1, 2009

May was passed..

OMG, i didnt realize tat it’s alre june.. time passed really fast, day by day, year by year.. i will b at 7th semesters at tis august.. n i will b 21st years old too.. oh well, it’s quite old  mature.. haha..

well, i hav to work at tis short semester, really work.. beside the practical class at a company tat i’ll do tis thursday.. i meant i hav to make some money.. but how?? hmm, juz thinkin, how if i open an online garage sale,, bcoz all those stuffs r becoming a mess in ma home.. i’ve ever saled it at ma mom’s store, n it was quite working. but ma mom is lazy to arrange those stuffs.. instead i hav to go to campus everyday.. so now when i’m free, i’ll open it again.. but the online idea, will it work? bcoz those stuffs arent like tis modern day’s fashion, it’s old.. n mayb a lil too old.. LOL..




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