Sunday, June 7, 2009

Movie nite…

YAyyy… finally i watched TERMINATOR SALVATION!! after i begged ma cousin.. hihi.. actually i never followed the previous terminator, i juz knew tat there was arnold there.. haha.. so i was a lil bit shocked when i saw arnold again in tis movie..

n OMG, marcus wright aka sam worthington is definitely HOT!!! ;) aww,, he’s ma fav man now!! look at him, soo MAN.. haha..


ok, n today is ma 2nd chance wearin ma fringe boots,, again, ppl were starin at me, but hell yeah, i’m lookin good,, i can handle it.. hoho.. but the back of ma feet is a lil bit hurt coz i was walking so fast.. i dunno,, mayb i gotta use a plast if i wear tis boots again. n look at ma vest!! another unique vest, rite.. i found it on ma garage sale box! i almost sell it, cost only Rp 15.000! damn.. i took a vest, a skirt, n a short from ma garage sale box.. haha.. i’ll try to mix n match it..








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