Thursday, June 4, 2009

So many experiments n statement :D

Yayy.. i’m so glad i found ma mom’s top.. it’s a lil bit bigger for me, but it doesnt matter eh,, it looks good though.. haha.. the abstract thingy is totally unique, rite?? haha..

n finally i found a new cardigan, after i lost it in bali last year.. i juz bought it today!! hhoho.. n wore it at tat moment.. it’s soo good :D

anw, i spent too much money today.. haiz.. bought tat cardigan n a facial cleanser from the body shop.. hoho..



n look at tat, i bought 3 necklaces at the same time.. LOL.. coz it’s too good to resist.. hehehe.. I’M SO IN LOVE WITH THOSE NECKLACES!! :D




forgot to post, but tis is wat i wore last sunday,, when i support ma cousin n a friend in a model competition,, so bad they didnt win,, coz they juz new on tis thing.. so yeaa, needa more practice.. hope the best for them!


pheww, alre prepared ma online garage sale,, very2 old stuffs wif super cheap prices.. feel free to open!




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