Friday, February 20, 2009

Miauuuu!!! Cat fight!!!

Hahhhhh... It's hard to have a big mouth.. lol.. Maybe we hav to hav an online source like Gossip Girl,,, so yeaa, we can give the info to a very trustworthy people n nobody gonna know who said about the gossip.. N suddenly, everything is gonna appear to the public.. Haha.. *so evil*

Sorry to the both side.. Too much involved to ur problems.. yeahh, made me feel guilty.. But i didnt mean to say dat, i juz couldnt lie.. sooo.. had to tell the truth.. N crosschecked the very different story from the 2 poles.. I wasnt gossiping u or anything, b**ch.. Stop talking dirty about people.. Juz told the truth dat i HEARD.. I dun know who's rite n who's wrong.. But 1 thing 4 sure, dat u guyz juz had a lil misunderstanding,.

But.. too much wrong perceptions between u all.. hah.. wateva.. i dun care.. why should i care?? damn, big mouth.. lol.. Yeahh, ruined everything..

ohhh, i want tattoo!!!

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