Saturday, February 7, 2009

Farewell dinner wif my girlfriends...

Juz had a dinner time wif my girlfriends.. Miss that moment, coz we had no boy around.. So we could talk n gossip loudly.. Haha..

Actually, Fae invited us to the dinner coz she'll go to Aussie next Tuesday.. So yeaa, bye girl.. Hope u'll be fine there, n graduate fast.. hhaha..

So the dinner started at 6pm, actually.. But i was picked up by teph at 7.15.. Hahaha... N i was waitin like a rock.. It was really really long.. Then we ate at Dixie, i ate Fried beef wif Mushroom that taste s*cks.. I dun really like it.. And i'm not recommended u all to eat there.. I prefer go to Parsley to Dixie.. But yeaa, Dixie has the atmosphere better.. Except the karaoke room that isn't sound-proof.. So many people sang loudly in a false pitch.. GREAT!!

After one hour ate, took picture, had a lil gossip, we went to NAV.. Sang aloud there!! And i love Colbie Caillat so much!! Oxygen, Bubbly, and Realize.. She's genius!

I'll upload the photos on Facebook...

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