Sunday, October 20, 2013

Trip to Thailand–Phuket

Been a long time since my last time blogged about something here, and yes, I’m kinda moved into another blog. Haha.. But it’s only for my personal satisfaction to write what’s on my mind freely, without worried of getting caught talking about things I shouldn’t write here. But for now, let’s just focus on what I want to write here! So my last post was in August which was about the celebration of my 25 years living on earth. Life has been good to me so far, I’ve moved on completely from my last ex (yay!) and things got crazy at work. But my best moment was the trip to Thailand last September. I’m kinda make a good planner after all, and we weren’t really lost there. Haha.. It’s gonna be a long post :)

So I did make my itinerary long before my departure to Thailand, I was searching for some cheap flights, hotels, anything that wouldn’t make me bankrupt. Haha. I looked for a nice but cheap tours in Phuket and got one that turned out to be really nice. His name was Chai, I got his information from tripadvisor, and I can give you his email to reach : I did every conversation through email and finally ended up on whatsapp. I ended up booking every tours and attraction through Chai because I knew it would give me the best price, much discounts, just don’t forget to bargain. Lol.

Me and my 3 other friends arrived at night on Phuket and we were picked up by Chai himself with a 10 seats car, he provided us his hotspot before we could buy simcard there, so it was a lil help for all of us who are a soc-med junkie. We checked in into our hotel, 88 Hotel (booked thru Agoda). It’s a super cheap hotel with a large room and pretty clean. I think it’s worth the price. But the breakfast was standard, don’t expect too much. We got some local dinner near the hotel, it’s a noodle soup with that special thai’s herbs. That pic below was the view outside my window room, and yeah we had a balcony.Untitled-5

My 2nd day in Phuket was a trip to Phiphi island, which was not real good because it was raining and the sea water was high so we couldn’t hopped into some islands. And our boat was in full packed! Way too crowded and people wanted to puke because the wave were crazy. We then stopped to had some snorkeling before we went to lunch. The snorkeling spot was pretty good, except the gear wasn’t that good, couldn’t see the water clearly. The buffet menu was standard, I don’t really enjoyed my phiphi trip. I preferred a more private trip. Well, we finally landed at Khai island, where we could do swimming or just sunbathing, but it was the best island, the water is crystal clear and it’s really pretty. I wish I could stay longer there. It felt like heaven. We finished the trip around 4 and then got back to the hotel. We bought some snacks at the traditional market near the Jungceylon mall before we had our dinner there. Lots of food there! Pork everywhere, with very cheap price. Yum yum! We went to Simon Cabaret at night, to watched the ladyboy show, which was pretty interesting and also entertaining. Just beware when you want to take picture with those ladyboy, make sure there’s no other ladyboy around you orelse s(he) will ask for money too. We took a tuktuk and walked around Bangla Road after, crazy night life out there.


My 3rd day was another sea tour, this time we went to Phang Nga Bay area, which is famous for the James Bond island. Another tour picked by Chai, but this time it’s really different. It was private, there were only 11 people in the boat, and we went to more destinations than yesterday. We hopped in and off to some islands, and then went to an ice cream cave, went for canoeing, and had a much better lunch at Panyee Island. Except the beach that we went for some swim wasn’t as pretty as in Phiphi. The tour operator name is Rattanachol. And it was really good and not as expensive as the number 1 travel in tripadvisor, thanks to Chai. We had dinner beside our hotel tonight, and it was good enough too. Basically I’m fitted into almost all of thai food because it’s spicy, so I had no problem with it. We went to Phuket Fantasea this night, it’s kinda unique show because it combined the traditional wayang, circus, magic show, drama, and all. It’s just too expensive I think for a show like that. It is even more expensive than our sea tour! Crazy!


Our schedule in Phuket before heading to Bangkok was pratically doing the city tour. We rented the car from Chai for half day, and it already included the driver too. Beach to another beach, went to couple view points to see Phuket beaches, before finally headed to Big Buddha and ended up in gem factory. Yeah, you really had to go there because our driver insisted to go there, it’s kinda a tourist gift shop. You know, the jewelry were pretty, specially the earring I saw, it’s a square earring with ruby and diamond inside. But yeah it’s damn expensive. But don’t worry they also had cheaper version of everything, silver, pearl, souvenirs. Anyway, don’t forget to go to cashew nut factory! It’s famous in Phuket! We got a lil problem with the car, so we should stop for a while in a car workshop. But because of that we managed to have a brunch at Pizza Company, the famous pizza in Thailand. Hihi, blessing in disguise.


Once again, I booked every tours and attractions from Chai, also the car rent, that’s why I got cheaper price. And I will definitely use his service again when I go back there. I love my trip to Phiphi because there is Khai Island. But I recommend you to go with private trip (ask this to Chai, but I think it will be more expensive) and maybe go to Phuket in sunny season. It is too bad that we couldn’t enjoy Phiphi since it’s super pretty. If you have more time in Phuket, you can try the elephant trekking, ATV, or maybe shooting. And maybe you can visit more islands beside Phiphi and Phang Nga. My friend said she had amazing time when she stayed in Phiphi (I’m interested!). But maybe I will go there again with my spouse! haha.. See you real soon in Bangkok trip! :)



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