Thursday, October 24, 2013

Food Journal : Moovina

It was another Saturdate dinner with Akun and Jubel. I actually needed to go to some ordinary place but they took me here instead! Moovina. Yup, this is another fine dining kind of restaurant with a lounge inside too, it’s in Plaza Indonesia. Moovina is basically divided into 2 floors, the upper part is Mezzanine @Moovina, it’s darker and more like a lounge with a bar area, they also have the smoking area here, and a private room to gather with your friends. It’s more modern with open kitchen concept. The lower part is Dolce Moovina, this is the one for fine dining, more cozy I guess because it has a garden theme, just really nice. They have an outdoor area also but I didn’t see it at that time.

When you see how the waiter and waitress serve, you’ll notice that it’s kinda a high class restaurant, the way they treat you is different. The uniform is nice. They were actually slow at first, they didn’t bring us the menu until I called them first. I don’t know if they didn’t see us because it was really dark or what, because we were taken to the table by one of the staff, then why didn’t she take our order too? Well after that they were just really helpful though. Helping us nonstop with our photo session. Lol.

Our orders were Chicken Cordon Bleu with Aglio Olio Spaghetti, Jon Dory Fish with Mashed Potato and broccoli, and also an Apple Pie for dessert. For a recap : it’s SO-SO. My chicken is not worthy for that expensive price. It’s just as same as 40K cordon bleu, really. And my spaghetti was really salty. Even though I love salty food, it’s just felt too much. And some of them felt like a lil bit uncooked. I don’t know. The dory my friend ate was good enough but not special, the broccoli was tasteless. I liked the apple pie though, not overcooked and not too oily, the caramel is not really sweet.

They actually have many choices of fine dining menu, start from 60K to 500K, with the choice of steak, wine, cocktail. It’s a perfect western and international dinner for you who love it. Don’t forget to make a reservation before, because it can be real full in the weekend. Eventhough Moovina has a really big space, I couldn’t find a non-smoking seat last Saturday. Well, maybe a seat at the lower floor will be better. Overall it’s a nice place. But will I come back here again? Maybe, for the atmosphere, not for the food.

 moovIMG_1631  *below picture is taken from

If you see my picture above, I feel like I’m skinnier now (yay!). See my thigh there, feel like SNSD’s thigh huh? lol. But my cheek cant lie, it will not get less chubby. :(

Moovina : Plaza Indonesia 3rd & 4th Floor #06 || Ph. 021 2992 4567, 021 2992 3999.




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