Sunday, October 20, 2013

Trip to Thailand–Bangkok

Boarding to Bangkok in the afternoon…. My hotel in Bangkok was Siam Swana (book through Agoda, again). I saw the rating in Agoda and it was fantastic. It was a modern room but really small, specially when there were 4 people inside the room. They don’t have an elevator either, I know it’s only a 3 floor building, but still, we had heavy suitcases! Andddd they didn’t provide breakfast. Luckily, there were lot of streed food near the hotel, and also 7-11. You can always have your breakfast there. Haha.. There’s a sushi restaurant in front of the hotel and it was good. Open at 11 am. What I love about the hotel that it was super close with the BTS station (Ratchathewi) so I could go everywhere easily. And the BTS system in Bangkok is really easy to read, I didn’t lost at all. But before, I googled all of the places I visited detail, how did we go there, which station we went up, which one to down. You must arrange it. 

I met my old friend, Denis, and he took us to Asiatique Mall. Kinda ruined my itinerary because I planned to go there the next day after temple visit, haha. We went by taxi, however he said when you go with group of friend it’s better to take taxi than BTS because it still cost cheaper. But I tell you, sometimes the taxi in Bangkok are mafia, they didn’t want to use the taxi-meter! Well maybe if you can speak thai they will treat you differently. Asiatique is an open air mall which have lot of stores from clothing, snack, home decoration, gadget accessories, and of course lots of restaurant. I went there really late so I didn’t see all of the stores, but I tried the best curry crab here at Kodang Talay! well, maybe the 2nd best because the most famous one is Somboon Seafood but Denis told me that it’s super expensive. But it was damn delicious, the sour and spicy fish was also good, loveeee it! Aaahh, it makes me wanna go back there again, just to eat the curry crab. But I just found out that there’s Somboon Seafood in Jakarta, haven’t tried it yet though. There’s also a giant wheel there and we took it, just tried everything.



Went to Madame Tussaud Bangkok to open the 2nd day! It was literally a camwhoring time, haha.. Nah, we had chicken rice for breakfast near the hotel. Taste good enough, enough for breakfast time. After Madame Tussaud we went to Chatuchak Weekend Market, which is pretty far from the city. Very very big market with lot of stuff sold here, it was tiring and killing my feet! I only bought scarf and case for my iphone, and some souvenirs for my friends back home. What we did there were eat and eat, because foods were cheap and taste good! We went for shopping again at night, went to Platinum for some cheap fashion and Siam Paragon for the expensive one! Haha. I actually don’t really like going to over crowded store like Platinum or Chatuchak because it will only make me confuse on picking the clothes but I did buy 3 skirts here! Hahaha.. I just suddenly found the store where the uncle sold only skirt there. 170 THB each! Dumb me, I forgot the name of the store, I think it’s on 3rd or 4th floor. I also found the store where they sold replicas with cheaper price. I couldn’t bargain anything there, too lazy to do it, and they already marked the price. Different price when you buy retail and wholesale.


3rd day was temple day! it was crazy hot and a crazy long journey. Went there by BTS and then took the Chao Phraya boat and hopped off to Wat Po. Then walked to Grand Palace, which was actually quite far! I recommend you to take tuktuk, even when they say it’s only behind Wat Po. I could barely walk. Wat Po was big, and Grand Palace is much bigger. I only went there for quick sightseeing and camwhoring. The hot weather was killing me. Bring an umbrella with you everywhere. It’s a must on travelling! After a long walk in the palace we took taxi to Khao San Road, I heard that it’s the tourist place, lot of restaurants and bars. And suddenly it’s raining! A blessing in disguise again, because I need a really long nap for my legs. lol. We went back to the harbour to take a boat across the river and went to Wat Arun after and enjoyed a lil sunset there. We went to MBK at night, had dinner there, and again bought some thai snacks to be brought home. It was a crazy long day but very lovely. We closed the day with a thai massage!


The last day in Bangkok we went to Jim Thompson House. It was a museum of Jim’s family, the house was built with a nice architecture and the collection were from all over the world. Beside visiting the house itself, they also have the silk store inside, there are bag, clothes, scarf, pouch, and so many more. The silk are pretty with of course an expensive price. Last, we visited Terminal 21, which actually has more stuff than the other mall I visited, there are also local designer collection there, so many styles to choose. Too bad we only had very limited time. 4

My overall trip to Bangkok was awesome, I missed visiting the Ancient City and maybe a lil hiding attraction and place to eat in Bangkok. I planned to go to Cabbage & Condom, Patpong, Erawan Shrine and Lumpini Park, but didn’t have enough time to go to those places. Maybe at the next visit. I will exactly back to Terminal 21 and Platinum for clothing search, but not Chatuchak. And maybe do some party at my next visit. Haha.. Nah I didn’t go to Pattaya because I didn’t think any interesting attraction there beside the floating market and the ladyboy show. I already had that experience in Phuket before. Beside, an Australian couple told us that there are lot of mafias there. Not safe and not that good. Anyway, I saw lot of people there who are changing their gender, woman dresses up like a man, and vice versa. Thailand is crazy wild and free! Well Thailand is unique in its own way, you have the culture to see, the shopping, and also the beaches. Love it!




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