Monday, October 21, 2013

Food Journal : Le Quartier

Finally! I’m back again with some food journals. Recently I’ve been going to some fine dining places with my besties, 3 single people going on a saturdate night! Is it sound sad or relieving? Haha. I went to some awesome restaurant or café actually but I didn’t think to blog about it since I’ve been in a long hiatus period here, so there are no pictures and it will be not interesting to tell, so I’m gonna pass but I will snap more pictures after today.

My first review is gonna be Le Quartier, a French Restaurant in Gunawarman street, right beside Loobie Lobster (which I really want to try!). Alright2, focus on the subject! We actually wanted to go to Altitude but then some bad reviews made us change our mind. After some debate we decided to go to Le Quartier (I am a hyperbolic), which was turned out to be a great idea because the food was delicious! I’m not a food critic but I do love good food! Well, the bad thing about Saturday night here is that it was fully reserved, so we didn’t get the table. We ended up sitting at the bar that wasn’t really comfortable to eat. I googled some about this restaurant and they actually have a very unique painted wall there and I didn’t have the chance to take a picture of it.

So what we ate that night was a stone-baked pizza for the appetizer. We ordered white ham and truffle. It is a thin pizza with a lot of pork meat at the top (you can see the picture, I aint lie when I said LOT), a very tasty mozarella (I could feel it melting in my mouth) and there’s green pea pesto under the pork which is perfectly seasoned and also pine nuts. Well, I didn’t taste the truffle though. But I think it was the best pizza I’ve ever tasted. Of course with quite high price. For the main course we ordered an angel’s hair aglio olio with grilled prawn, seared baramundi with lemon butter sauce, and a grilled double chicken breast. The aglio olio was super tasty, but I think they used too much oil in the plate so it’s kinda too wet for me. But it tasted good and spicy (actually spicy means tasty for me, lol). And I got lil surprised because actually the pasta didn’t have any topping, I paid extra 50K for that 3 prawns! ugh! Or else you can choose chicken for the topping. Haha. The seared baramundi was damn good too. I tried a lil and everything tasted in perfect balance. Will order it again for myself next time. The breast chicken was just another chicken. Nothing’s really special about it, except the super size. Actually it’s a bit tasteless without the blackpepper sauce, and it’s originally came without sauce.

Beside the dinner menu, they also have a breakfast and lunch menu! So great right? They also have a great service. Just don’t forget to do the advance booking, specially in the primetime.

Untitled-5-15-3  5-2  ootd : tanktop | F21, short | Zara, blazer | Zara (similar), shoes | Bershka

Le Quartier : Jalan Gunawarman No. 34, Kebayoran Baru, Jakarta Selatan ||

Ph. 021-72788001



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