Saturday, April 9, 2011

Indonesian Pity Government

I feel really ashame with my country. Not with my country actually, but with the goverment and their system spesifically.

One of Indonesian government caught in the act while watching porn in his pc-tablet. And he did that in the middle of staff meeting. This was really really disgusting and made me mad! He still tried to avoid though, he said that it was just a random link came to his email, and he opened it. So the link was a porn and he just deleted it directly. In the other side, the photographer said it was a folder. That pervert old man picked the file for about 2 minutes and then watched it for about 1 minute.

And look at the picture taken. On the left pic, he's definitely not reading any emails, he even picked the hottest one!! Ha bloody haa!! Fyi, the right picture was him watching the porn.

Let's talk about the logical things.
1. He said that he usually opens any emails on the meeting so it can help his work. -> What kind of work email that puts any random link? Beside, he could just say to the media who was sending him that email so he wouldn't take the blame. And also, didn't it take time to download the video? How could he doesn't feel weird about the link name, or maybe the title of the file? Weird, weird, weird.
2.He still said that it was email from unknown sender. -> From the photo we can see that it wasn't email, it's totally some porn files waiting to be opened. So it can be folder or search engine.
3.He said that he deleted the video directly after he knew that it was a porn. -> So if we wanna know the truth, let's we check out his pc-tablet, seek for every folder and recycle bin. Or if it was an email, let's just check the inbox or the deleted message folder.

Geez, if you watch the news on tv, he still trying to avoid it and saying some jokes about it at the interview. Iughhh.. Pervert. The president really needs to reshuffle the government, burn down the useless people. People who sleeps at the meeting and even watches porn. People who are not thinking about our life and only stealing our money. Or maybe, he also doesn't have the capability to lead the country? I don't know. I'm not usually concern about the government and political issue, but this is just way too much. Too disgusting to be true, and super awful..

Ironically, few months ago the other government named Tiffie was really strict about porn site in Indonesia. He wanted all access to porn site to be closed. He even brought the Blackberry (BB) phone in that case, accusing that BB was dangerous because people can access porn site from the browser. And this was making so many pros and contras in the community. Well I think this Tiffie was quite idiot that he complained on BB, yet most of people watching porn from pc. How could you enjoy watching porn from this tiny screen?! The BB case was over and he's saying that 90% porn sites are blocked already. And now, the disgrace of the government is leaked again..


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