Saturday, April 16, 2011


This subject kinda being my insight on these couple days. I don't know, like everytime I go somewhere, I see, hear, and get something about positivity. Or maybe you can say it's about gratitude too.

I just realize how annoying people who are always complaining instead of giving thanks. How annoying people who always say about negativity instead of giving the courage.

The story starts here. For many times I feel mad with my mom. Where's her when I need her support? She's there physically, but not supportive toward me at all. I was called again for an interview right one day after my arrival at home. But I re-scheduled it cos I haven't booked any tickets yet. I told my mom and she was complaining.
"What did you say earlier? Why didn't give the exact time?" said her. I tell her I was told that if I'm booked, they gonna call me again in the next 1 or 2 weeks. That's why I went home first. And she started saying about how expensive to get there, that I've always gone and back from jakarta so many times, that I wasted much money. I was like... Wth??? I thought it was all my sister's. I owe her very big, both money and time. I was kinda yelled at mom, told her "why u always take the negative side of everything? Why don't u just give thanks that they had call me back, that I still have big chance to work there, in my dream company." And then she was just quiet.
Didn't she think that if I go to jakarta, I will get my dream job, in a big company, and if I work there, I don't need to ask for her money for the rest of my life. Haa bloody haa! I can live by myself!

And suddenly I remember that at the day of my departure home, I kept complaining about the airplane. That they always get delay everytime. And the waiting room inside the terminal was too crowded, people didn't get enough seat, and I couldn't feel the AC either (well, it was all true). So while I was bored waiting for boarding, I tweeted a lot and almost every tweet was about how I criticized that airplane. Even after it landed, I still tweeted that the airplane had just landed in a horrible way. And I got a reply, that I should have given thanks that I still lived. Well, so true! Though I was tweeting along just for fun, but I think I was really annoying to tweet all those negative stuffs. I promise I'll change that!

Then yesterday I met my friend, and she was talking with her friend about someone. And she said exactly the same thing, about how annoying to hear people complain about everything. We already have our own problem, why don't just share the happiness each other? I always try to make my environment happy, try to share my energy. I hope I can stay positive.

Last thing that just happened tonight, my mom again. I hate hearing all her negative words. Argh! She met my friend's dad and they talked about us trying to get a job in the same company. And we both haven't got any phone calls yet from the company. I already told her before that everyone who didn't pass the previous selection would get a text message, yet those who didn't get any message still have the chance. I don't know why suddenly she said again, "It's already so long, maybe you didn't pass it."
Oh my God, can I get a little supportive action? A positive word? I don't need any negativity around me, puhleaseeee...

Thank God I still have friends who support me always, even it's only words. And also Alvin, who keeps sending me the daily cookies everyday, it courages me a lot and I can make it as my strength. Thank you. :) Anyway, you can find this encouragement also, by visiting his blog here.

"I believe in karma, and I believe if you put out positive vibes to everybody, that's all you're going to get back." -Ke$ha



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arifinfo said...

yup, i also believe in karma. everythings can make something, in the future :)..have nice day, i like your blog and your posting with english, nice to meet you :D