Wednesday, December 8, 2010


When I was a little girl, people asked me, "what you want to be when you grow up?"

I usually answered, I wanna be an engineer. Although at that time I didn't know what engineer was. In my mind, engineer was someone who built a building. But the future dream usually changed, I loved singing then I dreamt to be a famous singer n artist.

I was a teenager, I learnt lot of things I didn't get on my childhood. I loved new things then I thinked that I wanted to build my own mall. That was okay to dream big, right?? Hahaha..

I grew up and got more and more knowledges and experiences. I saw many things. Suddenly I wanted to be a manager in the hotel business. I was really interesting on this hotel things, like meeting lots of people, foreigners, and of course speaking in English. English has always been my favorite lesson on school, beside math. I tried searching some hotel colleges but all of them were abroad, and of course mom wouldn't let me go. So I ended up on industrial engineering. And I did love interior design too. I just thought that I aint that creative, you know. But now I think I am!! I love decorating and arranging. I know I'm not good at drawing, that's why I always chose to be the conceptor on the 'mading' or 'mural' competition in school.

But hey, now I still don't know what I want to be. What I want is becoming a successful independent woman that responsible for my own life. I copied my sister's, but I think it's true. But I don't find the perfect place to put and develop my talent. What exact profession that can make me great??

I keep singing though nobody listens. That's my hobby since I was on elementary school. I won some singing competitions, fyi. Hahaha.. And also drawing and modelling. I was such a super talented kid. Lol. I remember I also liked to impersonating someone else, talking to myself, acting shortly. Hahaha.. For now, I still enjoy singing as my hobby, and writing, and also decorating or scrapbooking. Whatever.

Can you guys give me idea for something that will give me money? Like making my own totebag company, rather than submit the design to someone else.. I just thought about that yesterday.. When I was busy making the design, I meant arranging, because I took some scrapbook elements lah. Of course I don't have that ability to do such a great graffiti and draw like that. My photoshop skill is rated 5 from 10. Hahaha.. Forget about that, it's such a promising thing indeed. They sell the totebag for about Rp 100K each. Sooo expensive. And they give $200 for the winning design. Which makes everything so clear.. Why don't I make my own totebag corp?! Hahaha!! Anyone joining me???:D

Well, goodbye for now. I'm thinking while sleeping. Errrr...dreaming maybe??? Good night! =*



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