Friday, December 31, 2010

2010 Kaleidoscop

Got my new Blackberry Gemini as a birthday gift from mom. Yeah, finally the environment forced me to use a BB. Social matters. lol. 

Went to Sundak beach with my highschool mates and it was a really fun mini reunion :) I would be missing them. cover3

Baked a valentine’s chocolate pie and had no one special to give. lol. I was freaking single along this year.

Graduation. Of course it was the best part in this year. My 4 years time in university finally ended, i’m a Bachelor of Engineering now :D My great friends had also graduated. I wish the best luck for those who haven’t. Keep fighting!! :) img001  

First time abroad. Trip to Singapore! :) I’d like to do it every year. Haha!! Wondering where would i get the money..*sigh* Phuket on 2011 maybe? ;)DSCN5488_¸±±¾

I think i was blogging more active this year. I wrote lots of thoughts, reviews, uploaded some of me singing on youtube. The blog reached 10.000 viewers in this year. Yeay! :D

Anyway, i did my first test and interview for a job in this year. Haha! I failed 4 times on the interview, for God’s sake. That’s so pity of me. But i think I did great on the last interview because they’ve called me for another interview on January :) Well, let’s see what happen next. I believe in God’s plan, He provides the best for me.

See ya on next year!! ;)


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