Saturday, March 14, 2009

EMPIRE XXI's Grand opening

Yesterday, 13 March 2009, was the opening of Empire XXI, a nu cinema in jogja.. Why it called Empire XXI? Coz the last cinema dat hav had burned there, had the same name.. The fire accident was so long time ago, but people said there r so much ghost inside, the spirit of the dead people from the accident.. i actually forget y the cinema was burned down.. But i'm so happy coz we hav 2 cinemas here now! one for update film, one for the indonesian film.. haha.. i hope so.. I dun want if XXI as bad as 21.. They r so last last month.. All indonesian film.. N u know wat, they show 27 Dresses NOW!! wth is dat?? it was 2008 film! parahhhh...

About the place, they hav 6 studios..better lah.. n they hav standard theater like the other XXI n 21.. small seat.. big screen.. hhaha.. Gud soundsystem for drama.. coz i was watchin Shopaholic yesterday, dunno wat happen if we saw action movie.. My friend said dat the layout is so much like Senayan City,, I think less sofas there, they only hav sofas at 2 corners, they should put another sofa..

lucklily, the place is at the center of the city.. lots of resto n entertainment place near it, like Tojoyo (love it so much), or u can play billiard n futsal.. yahh.. well i hope XXI will always show a nu movie, not too much indonesian film.. n dun increase the ticket's price.. haha.. they hav an opening price dat's so cheap.. only Rp 15.000. sum rumours said, the ticket will become 35, 45 thousand.. huhuhu... noooo... hahhaha...


Anonymous said...

it's nice having a blog

but please keep the language easy to understand
people read your blog
if you write with such confusing language, how do you think they would understand?

no offense

San said...

Well, thx for your comment.. =D