Friday, April 22, 2011

Man & Sport

I'm making some random analysis about men's body and their sport. Lol. Remember this is just for fun.

I basically like footballers' body, they just perfectly fit, not too big or too small. They have muscles, and the calf is really hawt. Imagine how often they run. About their look, it's really various. U can find a very handsome man like David Beckham or Iker Casillas, yet there are also Drogba and another African footballers as the beasts. Lol. But I think they're good looking in their own way, they always have a beautiful spouse!!
How about basketballers? Must have a very big and thick body. Giant body generally, for centre and forward, and still need a thick one for guard. Really2 big. But here in Indonesia, you can find so many small players, even a skinny one! Also, I don't find any handsome players from NBA. :P
The other sports are F1 and MotoGP. I notice that MotoGP doesn't have a very handsome man, see Rossi or Stoner, or even Lorenzo. Yet I just recognized Vettel and Hamilton on F1 and I think they are hawt! Vettel has more babyface and hamie's smile is soooo sweet. Okey, I didn't notice the other since it was only them who had the podium. I'll watch F1 regularly from now on. Lol :D And motoGP riders usually have a skinny body, because they need light weight to ride that super big bike, so the bike will run and turn easier.
Badminton, they have regular body. Not too big muscle, with a very good calf too. The most handsome player comes from China, Fu Hai Feng! :D
Last but not least, martial art, like karate and taekwondo. They basically skinny and have lil muscle. It helps their movement, because speed matters so much in this kind of sport. But it's also various, because this sport is categorized into so many weight limit. My favorite country for taekwondo athlete is still philippines, specially the Spanish look player. :D

Do you have your own analysis??? For another sport maybe?? Or do you agree or disagree with mine??:D

xoxo ;)


Saturday, April 16, 2011


This subject kinda being my insight on these couple days. I don't know, like everytime I go somewhere, I see, hear, and get something about positivity. Or maybe you can say it's about gratitude too.

I just realize how annoying people who are always complaining instead of giving thanks. How annoying people who always say about negativity instead of giving the courage.

The story starts here. For many times I feel mad with my mom. Where's her when I need her support? She's there physically, but not supportive toward me at all. I was called again for an interview right one day after my arrival at home. But I re-scheduled it cos I haven't booked any tickets yet. I told my mom and she was complaining.
"What did you say earlier? Why didn't give the exact time?" said her. I tell her I was told that if I'm booked, they gonna call me again in the next 1 or 2 weeks. That's why I went home first. And she started saying about how expensive to get there, that I've always gone and back from jakarta so many times, that I wasted much money. I was like... Wth??? I thought it was all my sister's. I owe her very big, both money and time. I was kinda yelled at mom, told her "why u always take the negative side of everything? Why don't u just give thanks that they had call me back, that I still have big chance to work there, in my dream company." And then she was just quiet.
Didn't she think that if I go to jakarta, I will get my dream job, in a big company, and if I work there, I don't need to ask for her money for the rest of my life. Haa bloody haa! I can live by myself!

And suddenly I remember that at the day of my departure home, I kept complaining about the airplane. That they always get delay everytime. And the waiting room inside the terminal was too crowded, people didn't get enough seat, and I couldn't feel the AC either (well, it was all true). So while I was bored waiting for boarding, I tweeted a lot and almost every tweet was about how I criticized that airplane. Even after it landed, I still tweeted that the airplane had just landed in a horrible way. And I got a reply, that I should have given thanks that I still lived. Well, so true! Though I was tweeting along just for fun, but I think I was really annoying to tweet all those negative stuffs. I promise I'll change that!

Then yesterday I met my friend, and she was talking with her friend about someone. And she said exactly the same thing, about how annoying to hear people complain about everything. We already have our own problem, why don't just share the happiness each other? I always try to make my environment happy, try to share my energy. I hope I can stay positive.

Last thing that just happened tonight, my mom again. I hate hearing all her negative words. Argh! She met my friend's dad and they talked about us trying to get a job in the same company. And we both haven't got any phone calls yet from the company. I already told her before that everyone who didn't pass the previous selection would get a text message, yet those who didn't get any message still have the chance. I don't know why suddenly she said again, "It's already so long, maybe you didn't pass it."
Oh my God, can I get a little supportive action? A positive word? I don't need any negativity around me, puhleaseeee...

Thank God I still have friends who support me always, even it's only words. And also Alvin, who keeps sending me the daily cookies everyday, it courages me a lot and I can make it as my strength. Thank you. :) Anyway, you can find this encouragement also, by visiting his blog here.

"I believe in karma, and I believe if you put out positive vibes to everybody, that's all you're going to get back." -Ke$ha



Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Little Creation

Another scrapbook creation for friend’s birthday :) The 1st one was for Christina. That was the design for her cake. So basically we ordered an opera cake with photo chocolate for the top icing. So cute huh?! ;) The 2nd one was made for my cousin, Vonny. That was belated surprise, cos i just got back home at her birthday day. Hahaha.. It’s better late than never, right?! :p



To know the crazy story behind the surprise, read here.



Saturday, April 9, 2011

Indonesian Pity Government

I feel really ashame with my country. Not with my country actually, but with the goverment and their system spesifically.

One of Indonesian government caught in the act while watching porn in his pc-tablet. And he did that in the middle of staff meeting. This was really really disgusting and made me mad! He still tried to avoid though, he said that it was just a random link came to his email, and he opened it. So the link was a porn and he just deleted it directly. In the other side, the photographer said it was a folder. That pervert old man picked the file for about 2 minutes and then watched it for about 1 minute.

And look at the picture taken. On the left pic, he's definitely not reading any emails, he even picked the hottest one!! Ha bloody haa!! Fyi, the right picture was him watching the porn.

Let's talk about the logical things.
1. He said that he usually opens any emails on the meeting so it can help his work. -> What kind of work email that puts any random link? Beside, he could just say to the media who was sending him that email so he wouldn't take the blame. And also, didn't it take time to download the video? How could he doesn't feel weird about the link name, or maybe the title of the file? Weird, weird, weird.
2.He still said that it was email from unknown sender. -> From the photo we can see that it wasn't email, it's totally some porn files waiting to be opened. So it can be folder or search engine.
3.He said that he deleted the video directly after he knew that it was a porn. -> So if we wanna know the truth, let's we check out his pc-tablet, seek for every folder and recycle bin. Or if it was an email, let's just check the inbox or the deleted message folder.

Geez, if you watch the news on tv, he still trying to avoid it and saying some jokes about it at the interview. Iughhh.. Pervert. The president really needs to reshuffle the government, burn down the useless people. People who sleeps at the meeting and even watches porn. People who are not thinking about our life and only stealing our money. Or maybe, he also doesn't have the capability to lead the country? I don't know. I'm not usually concern about the government and political issue, but this is just way too much. Too disgusting to be true, and super awful..

Ironically, few months ago the other government named Tiffie was really strict about porn site in Indonesia. He wanted all access to porn site to be closed. He even brought the Blackberry (BB) phone in that case, accusing that BB was dangerous because people can access porn site from the browser. And this was making so many pros and contras in the community. Well I think this Tiffie was quite idiot that he complained on BB, yet most of people watching porn from pc. How could you enjoy watching porn from this tiny screen?! The BB case was over and he's saying that 90% porn sites are blocked already. And now, the disgrace of the government is leaked again..


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Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Bruno Mars Concert In Jakarta

Yesterday was 5 April 2011, 1st Bruno Mars concert in Jakarta, promoted his album 'Doowops & Hooligan'. And i was there!! Flying from Jogja to Jakarta, attending my first international concert, and it was for Bruno Mars :)

I said the ticket was so expensive, 600K Rupiah for festival class and 500K Rupiahs for the tribune class. And if it's not worth it, i was like gonna mad! Also why i chose Bruno for my first time, simply because i'm too in love with his music. Let's say he's not handsome, haha, but his smile is soo captivating. Specially when I see 'Just The Way You Are' music video, i'm melting, felt like he sang that song for me. Didn't it crazy?! I first recognized Bruno Mars from his phenomenal duet songs, like Nothin On You and Billionaire. And after that the hits single was out, and i saw the music video, and i just LOVE him so much. And downloaded all of his songs. His voice is soooo beautiful, i saw some of his live performances on youtube and just couldnt wait to watch the real one in front of me.

So here we come! D-day! I was going there with Ivonne and her friends. We got into the spot at around 5.30 pm. And we saw some Bruno's decoration for photo spot. Couldnt miss it! Time to camwhoring! hahaha..

We waited inside the istora for about almost 2 hours. The gate was opened at 6pm and it wasnt too crowded. We could sit but we didnt wanna lose our spot there. We were standing about 10 meters behind the first gate. People inside the first gate were so close to the stage! Oh my God, i was so jealous with them! So lucky! I was standing in the middle of the crowd, yet someone beside me was a lil bit stinky, someone in front of me was so tall like i wanted to hit his head! Hahaha.. And people screamed like crazy! They shouted 'i love you bruno!' bla bla bla.. Like you think he heard it -______-* So noisy! I was standing in a pretty good spot anyway, i could watch Bruno straight in front of me, yet sometimes not. My biggest disappointment was the crowd screamed and sang like a bunch of sucks choirs, specially when it came to the hits song, i couldnt hear Bruno's voice clearly.

Than the concert started at around 8pm, Bruno came out and played the drum and the guitar. He sang 'The Other Side' as the opening song. The crowds sang it along with him. He sang 14 songs that night. 9 songs from Doo-woops & Hooligans album, I was kinda disappointed that he missed Talking To The Moon. I love that song! Rawrrr!! He sang Billie Jean, 2 unrecognized songs (top of the world and money?), plus Billionaire and Nothin On You which was completely different! He sang the rap part slowly, and i didnt notice that it was Nothin On You before he reached the reff part! And when he sang, "Beautiful girl...." the crowd sang along again. Also he said some words that made us screamed! He sang "Indonesian girl...." bla bla bla, and we screamed! Also said "aku cinta kamu".. But the best moment was when he sang it and pointed on one girl at the front row. Lucky bitch! lol. The show was almost over after Just The Way You Are, Bruno and his crew was going off of the stage, and people screamed "WE WANT MORE!!!" So the last song of the night was Runaway Baby, which was very entertaining, cos he showed his dance skill and teased us with his 'carrot'. lol. He definitely knows how to make us scream like crazy! I think it was the perfect encore. And that's it. The end of Bruno's night. :)

I'm wondering how many people was there inside Istora Senayan. I saw the video from youtube and the festival class was so full! And some celebs spotted there were dimas seto (one of the comittee i guess), vj daniel and cathy sharon (which is looking more beautiful in real life). They suddenly stood up behind me! Too bad didn't have the chance to take a picture. And i saw jasmine, nikita willy (dressed up like an old bitch), edric tjandra, jeremy thomas and family, vidi aldiano who was being interviewed, and at the dinner place i saw shireen sungkar and wisnu with vidi gank.

So yeah. My first international concert, Bruno Mars :) I'm not too satisfied because i wasnt standing at the very first row so bruno couldnt sing that song to me (yeah, u wish San), and also no opening band at all. Indie band was there outside the building and sang when the concert was over. So the 600K was spent to watch Mr. Mars only. Thank God he didnt disappoint us. His voice was beautiful and trully awesome in live show! His stage act was also entertaining. I'm still in love with his music. He promised to come back ASAP :D Fyi, Indonesia was the first country of his Asia tour.

To watch his 'Runaway Baby' performance yesterday, click here. I couldnt stop watching it, really.