Saturday, July 10, 2010

Satchel Bag

Look like satchel bag is a mostwanted item right now, coz lot of celebs use it. I actually dont know why they named it “satchel bag”. I googled and found that satchel means bag.. So it means bag-bag?? haha! Forget my idiot thought though =)celebrities-proenza-schouler-ps1-leather-satchel-bag celebProenzaSchouler alexa-chung mulberry bag   *celebs spotted with their satchel bag* 

Anyway, i just got my sacthel bag! haha.. And it’s greyish one.. I didnt intend to buy it first, coz i already had the bag i wanted.  I went to Friday to Sunday boutique and go hunting, found this satchel bag. But then i went to the store and found that the bag i want was out of stock. Okay, then i went back to the 1st store and bought the bag..haha :D



xoxo, S

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