Thursday, July 15, 2010


Well, it’s 7.30 am and i just play photoshop with It’s for my formal photo, i feel like 10 times chubbier in the pic..though still look cute huh? LOL.. and my bangs, OMG, it’s just so Dora..i just realized it..blah! The fact is i’ll use this photo for my graduation book in university. Dont u think i look like a high school girl?? >,< C’mon, say it honestly.. gab

Tadaaaa!!! :)

Well what i did to the right pic was : giving my eyes eyelashes in both sides, making my cheek smaller, and also my chin.i cut my chin a lil. My nose too, make it a lil bit smaller. Givin my cheek the blush on, though u will not see the color in BW picture. Haha! So yaaah, i feel like i look like someone on my right pic. It’s Catherine Heigl wannabe.. I didnt even make it to be like her, but i can see a lil Cath on that pic. Silly me ==!




xoxo, S

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