Sunday, July 18, 2010


Confession #1 : My life suddenly feels so blue.. so bored.. so screw!! i dont know.. maybe it’s because the thesis thingy.. dammit,im on trouble.. i only can count on Jesus now, and of course my advisors.. please please please could u just spend time to check on my thesis and open your schedule to have a conversation with me?! crap! i chase this tuesday, and i MUST get it this time! i already did what i had to do, okay.. let’s see this tuesday,i dont know what’s gonna happen then..i already tried my best though..

Confession #2 : Hmm,and i think i’ve been too much dreaming.. haha.. too much watching the Vampire Diaries and suddenly feel so lucky if i were Elena Gilbert, loves by those two handsome creatures..haha!okay, i was attacked by hawty creatures called guys.. LOL.. yesterday was iker casillas, n now damon salvatore a.k.a ian somerhalder..damn, they are just too hawt to be true :) well, actually the best part of my days recently was watchin vampire diaries, really. and i just finished watchin the season 1, expecting some good endings..but so bad, there’s too many questions n no climax at the end of season..arrghh!! i’m upset.. hix..

Confession #3 : maybe it will be so great to have lots of money, traveling, schooling abroad. that’s what i dreamed since i was a lil girl. yeah, i envy those people who can study abroad. some people use it delightfully, but some people dont. they think it’s cheap cos they have their parents to pay for, and they just playin around there, not really intend to study. geez, i just hope that i can have an opportunity to study abroad. beijing is enough for me, to learn some chinese language..haha..u know i’m good on foreign languages..or korea, france, japan. whatever.

The lesson : well, sometimes we just dont get what we want. but we should be thankful to God. i know. and when things didnt happen like what we want, just wait and make some efforts. and always put PAINS whenever u feel the pain, it’s POSSITIVE APPROACH IN NEGATIVE SITUATION.

-Where ever you go... there you are. Going day by day... so let's see where it takes me!-

xoxo, S

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