Saturday, March 26, 2011

Solo Culinary Day

I went to Solo yesterday, culinary all day long, visited some eating spots there. Me n friends went in the morning and our first place was Diamond. We ate dimsum for breakfast. Just like Quality Hotel, they gave 50% discount in spot. I was suppa full after this. Haha.dimsum









Next, we went to my favorite culinary spot in solo, BATAGOR MANG EDHIE!! They said the batagor was originally from Bandung. I love it bcos it tastes like batagor2 in Bandung, so yeah, since it’s too far away to eat batagor in Bandung, i definitely will eat this everytime i go to Solo. Very2 recommended!! :)


Third round was J-cool ing. I was really full so we decided to walkin around before eat our next food. Hahaha..

Round 4 was eating Bebek Hj Slamet. Actually we have the same restaurant here in Jogja, but people said it tastes different. So i cant miss it. Basically it tasted the same as here, but we got it more crunchy and i think the ‘sambel’ was more spicy there.

Next round, we went to one hangout spot called Rocketz. It’s pretty cool place but i think it’s very dark. I love the live band but we left pretty fast. The drinks are quite expensive, it’s above 20K. I was really full so i only ordered Choco Rocketz.

country salad mushroom cream sauce choco rocket n choco lovers strawberry lady n frapico

When u go to Solo, u cant miss the Keraton if u wanna have culture trip. My friends bought a lot of Pia Balong at Sumber Rejeki and also some breads in Orion.

Had a lot of fun there! and of course lot of food too! I think i got my weight increased. Damn!! lol.




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