Saturday, January 15, 2011


Hey guys!! It's the 10th day of me living in Jakarta.. Hahaha.. This is practicing before I get the real one when I work. Fyi, I only managed my things for 4 days only :p

Besides, I'm gonna tell my story here. So I was called for an interview in PT A, but then the salary wasn't as high as my expectations. It was my first biggest dilemma in this new year. I meant, this was the first company I got deal with, the first company that wanted to hire me. And remembering the fact that I've been jobless for almost 6 months, I should've been taken it, right? Well yeah, despite the positive and negative things, that wasn't the company that I put #1 in my priority. I didn't know why but I kept my faith in PT B. But I was really confused at that time..

This was my first decision as adult woman (like my sis said), so finally I put my decision!! I refused it. Yeah, and my mom kept questioning me. It's really annoying! That's my choice mom, I deserve the best, I know it! You just need to keep in faith on me :)

After that bloody confusing thing, I met a headhunter that willing to help me distributing my CV to several companies. Thank God!! And the day after, I got a good news from PT B that I got called for next step.. Thank God again!! His time is just perfect :D

Now I'm in another dilemma of deciding whether to go back home or not. I had nothing to do everyday here, actually. But then I'm afraid that PT B would call me in near future.

So yah, here I am. Still here, in Jakarta, waiting my faith and belief to be happened. :)

See ya!! :*

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