Monday, November 25, 2013

What’s On The Catching Fire Book That’s Not In The Movie

Oh my God, that’s all I can say! It’s freaking great! It’s as great as the Hunger Games movie, I really enjoyed it. I was too excited to see Catching Fire and decided to reread the book again! So yes, I watched the movie in its premiere and I loved it to the max. In fact, I think I’ll watch it again, of course right after I finished reading my book. And I just did! So this may contain spoiler ahead! Haha..


This is a fanfiction poster I found on And this just reminds me on the scene where Peeta and Katniss kissing each other deeply. It’s sweet and sad. Except, maybe there’s no bikini. lol. But overall I love this poster.

So what we find in the book that’s not there in the movie?

- The story about Bonnie & Twill who run away from District 8. They meet Katniss on their way to District 13 and they give her the sign of District 13's existence.
- Katniss' feeling to Peeta is more obvious in the book, she starts to care but questioning her feeling.
- The photo session of Katniss' wedding gowns, there are about 6 gowns in the book actually. Imagine if they put that scene in the movie, there will be so many awesome and unique dresses.

- There are no scenes in the movie that told us that actually Peeta is using a fake leg, he lost his leg in The 74th Hunger Games. Capitol gave him a leg surgery and he can walk normally with it.
- In the book, the author describes how Haymitch won the 2nd Quarter Quell, also Peeta and Katniss watch the show about that.
- In the book, it's revealed that Peeta draws the painting of Rue in the floor on the judgement day, but Katniss doesn't see it. While in the movie, Katniss sees the painting of Rue which makes her angry.

- There are some differences in the game arena. Beetee who's healthy in the movie when he meets Katniss' carier, is actually wounded in the book.

- In the book, it's actually Finnick who helps Katniss getting out from the sound of Jabberjay, not the opposite. There's no Jabberjay that copying Gale's voice in the movie.

- At the end of the game, it's actually Enobaria whom Katniss want to shoot with her arrow, not Finnick, until she realized what Haymitch said, "remember who your real enemy is".

- Beside, no parachute with breads inside that's actually a code for rescuing the contestants.

No explanation about this or that in the movie. That's why i said that the arena scene is too fast. Well, for me there are some details that are missing in the movie, specially details in the game arena. It can be more interesting and explaining if they can put the whole book in the movie. Haha. But still, i'm a die hard fans of Hunger Games!

“Mockingjay is gonna be awesome!!”


Anyway, do you know that Katniss' wedding dress is designed by Tex Saverio, an Indonesian designer who's famous with his masterpiece for Lady Gaga and Kim Kardashian.
I personally saw his creation in more wearable dress when my sister's friend getting married. And it was super pretty. He's genius. I want him to design my wedding gown too. Haha.

And seriously, I can’t wait for Mockingjay! Well, eventhough the Mockingjay is the most boring between the 3 books, I still want it to be a movie! Also the ending of Catching Fire is totally mad hanging. I couldn’t believe that they leave us hanged like that until I read my book again, and yes, they portrait it perfectly. It’s the ending, “Katniss, there’s no 12”. The end.

I can’t believe that we have to wait for another couple years until we can finish the Hunger Games Saga, because Mockingjay is gonna be divided into 2 parts and they’re gonna release it on November 2014 & 2015. Gosh, it’s still so long, I’m totally old at that time. And I’m gonna be that mature woman who’s still freaking crazy about The Hunger Games. ;)




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