Friday, August 17, 2012

24 y.o

Welcome to Club 24, dear ME! Yeah right, time moves so fast, I cant believe I’m 24 already! Almost quarter century, for heaven’s sake! haha.. There were some sadness in this year’s bday, mostly because of the same person who promised some things. Too bad it didn’t happen. I’m sick of being a faithful person toward him. I decided it’s enough. Enough the drama!

On my bday, I went with my sis n bf, just a casual Sunday night hangout like usual. Ate at The Duck King which was completely robbed me. Haha! Darn you, sis! I already craved for Holycow! hmmm… IMG-20120811-00134

At Sunday afternoon, had a breakfasting time with my girls, but the cake came at Wednesday! They delivered it to my office. I couldn’t believe they bought the First Love cake for me! Just like what I wish! hihihi.. It’s a kind of cake that makes me happy only by eating that.. Haha.. Thanks, girls <3 IMG1345029559647

At 16 of August when I arrived at the airport, my besties have waited for me with some crazy stuff for my bday. There were spanduk, cake, balloons, and I had to bring all of it, in front of many people, at the airport!! I was embarassed enough by the way, but couldn’t help my laughter. I’m happy to have them! :)


Thanks for this 24 years of my life, Lord Jesus. 24 years of happiness, silliness, joy, stupid stuff, laughter, tears, every little feeling inside my world.. It's all His grace and blessings! Also thanks to family n friends for the wishes. I’m full of gratitude! :)




Thursday, August 16, 2012

Juliet. Uniform. London. Yengki.

Been a great month so far! The best of this year! So many activities during this month, also no work at all! With full of new salary as an employee, no more training. hahaha.. It’s been a really refreshing month :) Packed my bag everywhere, didn’t even stay at my room for 3 weeks! :p

02.07.12 – 12.07.12

We as a part of BDP had our final assignment at the beginning of this month, thank God we all passed it. I had my turn on the first day, also first turn in my room, jackpotttt!! Hahaha.. Passed it but to be honest I wasn’t really satisfied with the result, but that’s okay, I still get A as my final grade. Huray, huray, huray, thanks to everyone who’s supporting me so far. Thanks to all your prayers also. :)Palmerah-20120706-01618


It was the placement day! And we all so nervous about it. The TC took us to Bandar Jakarta to had lunch, lots of seafood, but we didn’t really have the appetites. lol. And tadaaaa… we all will be placed at our 2nd training place. Thank You again Jesus! You’re the best! I was really happy, it’s all my wish. But some of my friends didn’t really happy about it, there were some tears. Too bad, because actually it’s quite a relieve for us, we don’t have to adapt to new working environment again, to new people, new procedure at the branch. We also had a lil celebration for our 1st anniversary which is supposed to be held at 11th. HAPPY ANNIVERSARY, BDP 14! *big hugs* Well, wishing the best for my career at TDM. Wish to move to other division asap! haha.. I still don’t know if I’m really fit into all these AO things.IMG-20120713-00141-1


It was my bestfriend’s wedding! Lilyan Tawtaw.. Congratulation! Wish you have a long last and happy family with a’a James. :) Don’t forget to name your son Harry! haha.. Finally, she tied the knot. The first marriage in my class! Also we were really cute, wearing same dress code at the wedding. Went to the holy matrimony first and then to the reception. It was my first time attending Batak wedding, quite unique bcos the place should be divided into two floors, one for the national guests, one for the traditional. But the couple should be at the traditional floor, they only mingled once to the national floor. Also the national was only held for 2 hours, but the traditional continued till night with their traditional dance and something. Hihihi… Wish all the best for the couple. :* IMG_2279IMG_2335DSC_0614

16.07.12 – 17.07.12

Had a lil inaguration ceremony for our BDP class, held by LPI. It was full of game at the 1st morning and then the ceremony was held at the night. Each of us gave our speech for everything that happened during our first year, and then gave the toast, and posed for the camera. hahaha.. It was a teary night, cried a lil bcos of our memories. Can’t believe we have done this for a year, and it’s time for our departure. For me, it was a blessing to be the part of BDP, especially BDP 14. Lots of knowlegde that I got, theoritic and practical, also the soft skill. But the most special thing is to met my new family, with different characteristic, they all are great, they taught me lot of things, made me a better person. How to be patient, to be humble. Being in BDP was brought the best of me, it really developed myself. Toast for change! :)DSC01338DSC0136020120717_131509_920120717_131658

18.07.12 – 21.07.12

HOLIDAY!!! seriously, this is the best part of the month! After a year work without holiday.. It was an awesome holiday! BALIIIII… Been 3/4 years since my last visit there. Went with the girls from 14 and Ivan (as the only guy). Hihihi.. I bet he enjoyed it much. ;)

Landed safely and directly went to Nasi Pedes Bu Andika. Best place! Cheap and tasty! Even went there again at the third day! lol. After that went to GWK, camwhoring, went to Balangan beach, camwhoring again, and Bluepoint beach, not to forget camwhored again and also played with the sea. At Balangan we found super cute dogs, and we named them Beagle and Goldie, haha :3. Bluepoint is the coolest beach I’ve ever visited in Bali, there were lot of big corals, cliffs, and also beautiful spot to take picture. Must go there when you are in Bali! We went to Rockbar after, but it was a lil cloudy that day so we couldn’t enjoy the sunset. I ordered Toblerone (a cocktail consists of Baileys, Kahlua and bla3 I forgot) and it got me a lil drunk. Hahaha.. Seriously, I really cant drink at all. :D But Rockbar is a really great place, do remember to come at 4 pm so u don’t have to queue too long and get the best spot to watch the sunset. But if u want to sit at the sofa and facing the sea, I guess u have to purchase a minimum order (between 1 –1,5 million rupiah). After that we had dinnet at Warung Italia, it’s not expensive but the taste is so-so. People recommend Ultimo instead of Warung Italia. Haven’t tried it yet!:(DSC01393 DSC_4351DSC01432DSC01494

2nd day, full day cruise to Lembongan island. We joined the Bounty Cruises (price : IDR 550K), went to Benoa Harbour first and then with the cruise sailed to their pontoon which is built in the middle of the sea. There were more than 50 passangers on the cruise. It took about 30 minutes to go to the island and I was nauseous. Big advice : better take Antimo first! The nausea made me cant really enjoy my time at the pontoon. Feel like gonna throw up. At the pontoon, they provided lunch, a long slide and jump board, goes directly to the sea, banana boat, kayaking, snorkeling, glass bottom boat, and a tour to lembongan village (there are seawood cultivation and a man-build cave there). Back from Lembongan, had an early dinner at Warung Mak Beng near Sanur beach, the fried fish and the soup taste really good! Definitely will go there again! We intended to go to Potato Head but we havent made a resevation and it was really full that time so we moved to The Breeze at Samaya Hotel. Beautiful at night! No clubbing again this day. Lol.DSC01517DSC01528DSC01576DSC01584DSC01619DSC01657DSC01636

3rd day, went to Tayabongkah hotspring at Batur area, it wasn’t a real hotspring I guess, no sulfur at the water at all. It took quite long to go there, so better spend a long time there. It’s relaxing :) After that had lunch at Bebek Tepi Sawah, Ubud (not recommended, high price, taste so-so) and continued to Sukowati. Best buy : an emboidered top, price only 30K. Bought the handgift after and ended at hotel. Walk around Legian street at night, really wanna buy this and that but it will be hard for me to bring it back home! huhu.. DSC01708DSC01709DSC01714DSC_4628

Last day at Bali, went to Tanah Lot and Taman Ayun and then had lunch at Babi Guling Bu Chandra. Chinese pig is still the best! haha.. After all, see ya again, Bali! Had a great time here! :)DSC01736DSC01747DSC01765DSC_4696 (2)

Ahhh, I wish I extended my stay at Bali or maybe added a couple of days to my holiday :(. Back to work againnnn!! Back to the real jungle! And cant wait for the next holiday! Bye for now, beautiful world! =* =*