Friday, August 17, 2012

24 y.o

Welcome to Club 24, dear ME! Yeah right, time moves so fast, I cant believe I’m 24 already! Almost quarter century, for heaven’s sake! haha.. There were some sadness in this year’s bday, mostly because of the same person who promised some things. Too bad it didn’t happen. I’m sick of being a faithful person toward him. I decided it’s enough. Enough the drama!

On my bday, I went with my sis n bf, just a casual Sunday night hangout like usual. Ate at The Duck King which was completely robbed me. Haha! Darn you, sis! I already craved for Holycow! hmmm… IMG-20120811-00134

At Sunday afternoon, had a breakfasting time with my girls, but the cake came at Wednesday! They delivered it to my office. I couldn’t believe they bought the First Love cake for me! Just like what I wish! hihihi.. It’s a kind of cake that makes me happy only by eating that.. Haha.. Thanks, girls <3 IMG1345029559647

At 16 of August when I arrived at the airport, my besties have waited for me with some crazy stuff for my bday. There were spanduk, cake, balloons, and I had to bring all of it, in front of many people, at the airport!! I was embarassed enough by the way, but couldn’t help my laughter. I’m happy to have them! :)


Thanks for this 24 years of my life, Lord Jesus. 24 years of happiness, silliness, joy, stupid stuff, laughter, tears, every little feeling inside my world.. It's all His grace and blessings! Also thanks to family n friends for the wishes. I’m full of gratitude! :)




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