Sunday, July 1, 2012

My Jesus is Awesome!

Been long time since my last post. I really miss blogging! Geez, I have much things to tell but I have no time! I have no internet! Well, I just really busy with work. But I do enjoy it here. :)
It's so great to be placed at Taman Duta Mas, I love the office atmosphere, I love my colleagues, their reception for me, I feel really blessed. Except one thing : my place. The room is super tiny! 2x3 meters and I can barely move! Hahaha.. It's been 3 months already since I was here, time flies real fast! Really! And the time is finally come for my final assessment, it's gonna be on July 5th, 2012. Please put my name on your prayers guys.. Thanks!:)
About my last post, it's still the same. I have nothing to expect, but deep down I'm not over him yet. Insane. :') And he'll back home this July. Haha! I'm just really curious with the inside of his brain, his thoughts. Nothing to lose, nothing to expect more.
Now, what's about my title?? YESSS, my Jesus is awesome! I don't know what he did to me, His love for me is unbeatable, and I can't thank Him enough. :') At 2007, I was diagnosed with Hyperthyroid, even though I didn't feel the sign, I looked super healthy. I bet my friends didn't know about that too! I didn't lose my weight, my eyes looked fine, my hands weren't shaking. I was perfectly fine! I took the medicine for about 3 months and didn't finish it. I just didn't feel that I'm sick, so I act like nothing happened to me and it continued until today. About last month I took that thyroid test again, and guess what? I'm healthy! The result is good and everything is normal. I'm so grateful, blessed, I believe it's my faith and He sees that everytime. I just wanna say thank You, Jesus.. What more can I say?:') He's the healer, my Saviour.

♫"I've seen dreams that move the mountain, hope that doesn't ever end even when the sky is falling. I've seen miracle just happen, silent prayers get answered, broken heart become brand new. That's what faith can do."♫

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