Friday, January 27, 2012

CNY 2012

Hello dear readers!!

Is this my 1st post in 2012?? ow yeah, it is.. I just don’t realize I already left my blog for quite long time. I’m pretty busy (not at the office of course), but pretty busy contemplating my heart. Haha.. If I can say in Indonesian, GUE GALAU MAKSIMAL!! :)) I keep clicking on the same page and waiting for the same person everyday, if I’m not in love then I’m an idiot. Hehe..

Well, a lil review for my CNY time!! Had a family trip to Bandung! yeay! Had so much fun with them! :) Mom and my bro went to Jakarta first, and then with me and my sis, we were going to Bandung together. We played bowling together, for the first time I guess hehe.. and my mom is still strong!! She beat me and my sis.. hahaha.. Ahhh, how I miss to spend fun time together with them. It’s been really long.. We should have another game someday.. Soon!


In Bandung, just like another CNY, had dinner with my big family in my grandparents’ house. We had our 4th generation already since my grandparents, I’m the 3rd. Hehe.. Two kids on the left are the 4th generation! They are my nieces! En-En and Baby Jen, so cute right? :) While the woman in checked-shirt is the 2nd generation, the rest are the 3rd! Haha!


Anyway, I’m cutting my hair short! Pretty sad but I already bored with my long hair. Now since it short, I want my long hair back. Humannnnnn… Never satisfied.. Hahaha.. :p


The first month in 2012 has been very hard and stressful for me.. I was in the up and down condition, and I kept think about that over and over again, just not like me at all. It’s just a domino effect from my main problem I guess. But after that, another problem came. Well, I admit that sometimes I do the wrong thing, but it comes with a reason of course. So sorry for someone who may hurts reading my silly tweets, but yeah, you broke my limit. I hope we’re doing good next time.

Cant keep the bad things affect me! Still have lots of amazing plan for the rest of the year! Surprise me! For now, I’ll just walk with my God, He has the best for me. I’ll just wait patiently and faithfully. KOWAWA!\(´▽`)/




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