Sunday, November 27, 2011

New Office!

Hey hey readers, glad to be back! It’s been really long and I didn’t have enough time to blog, yet I didn’t have any interesting topics also.. haha..

Anyway, I just want to share a lil news, I already passed my first elimination round and moving to the second one. Which is on the job training at one of the branch for the next 4 months, as an Account Officer. And once again, I feel really blessed because I got into Wisma Asia branch, which is really closed to my boarding house. So I didn’t have to move. Actually it’s still the same building as when I got trained in class. Hehe.. also I’m accompanied by one friend. Big thanks to God ;)

My on the job training was started on 10th November!! I went to the operational division first, before went into the credit. Well, I just wish that I can blend in easily, and everything goes well with my job, I work with passion and enthusiasm, get lots of memo and customer. Haha!

Now here it is, short look of my office! Temporarily :p


-The building-


- The AO’s room-


-My cubical-


See?! My desk is still so empty, and I’m really excited to decorate it! Haha,, It’s even only a temporary desk for me, lol. I feel like I wanna buy this or that for my desk. The stationery, mirror, pens, I don’t know. I’m really2 excited! :D

Well, I think that’s it. I’ll update the pic once I decorate my desk! Ps : I already bought the Starbucks tumbler! Yeay! Pps : I already bought a netbook for myself, and I get my modem works really well, so I can do skype-ing with my man now :)

xoxo, S