Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Vote For #YourSingapore


Hello guys, please vote for my story ‘Rush and Fun’ here : http://singasik.com/gethooked/index.php?page=story&id=58

It means a lot to me. You can also get a chance to win free ipod by voting!! Just click the link to go to my page directly, and click the like button. You will log in via facebook. Dont forget to register your vote. I dont know whether it’s work or not when u dont click the like. I hope it counts when u register only. I dont know the terms. Thanks a lot!! :*

Saturday, March 26, 2011

Solo Culinary Day

I went to Solo yesterday, culinary all day long, visited some eating spots there. Me n friends went in the morning and our first place was Diamond. We ate dimsum for breakfast. Just like Quality Hotel, they gave 50% discount in spot. I was suppa full after this. Haha.dimsum









Next, we went to my favorite culinary spot in solo, BATAGOR MANG EDHIE!! They said the batagor was originally from Bandung. I love it bcos it tastes like batagor2 in Bandung, so yeah, since it’s too far away to eat batagor in Bandung, i definitely will eat this everytime i go to Solo. Very2 recommended!! :)


Third round was J-cool ing. I was really full so we decided to walkin around before eat our next food. Hahaha..

Round 4 was eating Bebek Hj Slamet. Actually we have the same restaurant here in Jogja, but people said it tastes different. So i cant miss it. Basically it tasted the same as here, but we got it more crunchy and i think the ‘sambel’ was more spicy there.

Next round, we went to one hangout spot called Rocketz. It’s pretty cool place but i think it’s very dark. I love the live band but we left pretty fast. The drinks are quite expensive, it’s above 20K. I was really full so i only ordered Choco Rocketz.

country salad mushroom cream sauce choco rocket n choco lovers strawberry lady n frapico

When u go to Solo, u cant miss the Keraton if u wanna have culture trip. My friends bought a lot of Pia Balong at Sumber Rejeki and also some breads in Orion.

Had a lot of fun there! and of course lot of food too! I think i got my weight increased. Damn!! lol.




Monday, March 7, 2011

Lack of Internet

Hell yeah, i’m back!! I just got my internet connection back! Geez, i’m so mad using AHA. So what did i miss to blog this whole time??

Well, I spent my Chinese New Year in Bandung, having a great time there :) Not to forget that i already bought Bruno Mars concert ticket on 5th April.. Yeah!! I just can’t miss him! Too good to be missed! So happy that i got it =D

Bad news, I still have no job, and I’m pretty desperate about it. I keep waiting and waiting, until the result comes. But when?! Hufh.. I really dont want to be an unemployee like this! :’(

Anyway, I won JavaJazz gala opening tickets last week. But since it held on Jakarta, I gave it to my sister. It was held at the US ambassador home, and so many important people from the embassy there, also few of celebs. Too bad i couldn’t go, cos it was like a socialite event. lol.

What else, I missed watching some series I follow before, like Glee, Vampire Diaries, Gossip Girl and also Pretty Little Liars. I gotta catch those. And Life Unexpected had finished. Huaaaa… So sad, it was a great series. But I followed new series, named Entourage. Well, it’s an old one actually, but i just watched it and i love it! Totally! The story is unique and the casts, they played it very well. The message, they keep their friendship and brotherhood no matter what happen and the positivity of the role is just so great to be watched. And all of those dirty yet encouraging words came from Ari Gold, they were hilarious. I cant wait for the last season this summer.

Think that’s it, i had no interesting story. I’m really really stuck.